Are you pretty as a picture?

Are you pretty as a picture, with good cow sense?  Consider the Florida Angus Royalty Contest.  This contest was created to provide an avenue for young ladies to promote the Angus Breed, promote beef consumption, and the beef industry in general.  Applications are due April 5th.

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Florida Angus Sweetheart: Ages 9- 13, Florida Angus Princess: Ages 14 -17, Florida Ebonette: Ages 16-20 and Florida Angus Queen 16-20

  • Must be a member in good standing and agree the participation requirements.
  • Must not have held the title in the past, unless there or no other candidates.


Complete Royalty Application

Florida Angus Sweetheart Candidates:  Present a poster to the Queen Committee that displays all aspects of her involvement with cattle (care, management, shows, educational opportunities, promotion, etc.) Be willing to answer simple questions about your Angus cattle.

Florida Angus Princess Candidates: Submit and essay (no more than 300 words) to the Queen Committee explaining why she would like to be the Florida Angus Princess. Be willing to answer questions about your essay.

Florida Angus Queen & Ebonette Candidates:  Create and present a speech ( not to exceed three (3) minutes) on one of the following topics: 1.) Promotion of the Angus Breed organization, 2) Promotion of Breed Consumption, 3.) Amu subject relating to the Beef Industry, or 4.) How I will promote Beef as the Florida Angus Queen or Florida Angus Ebonette.   The speech will be judged at the Spring Field Day.

The Queen and Princess must attend the National Junior Show and participate in the following:

  1. Queen’s luncheon or brunch
  2. Opening ceremony where you should be properly dressed (crown and banner)
  3. Helping to pass out ribbons and for pictures some time during the week where you should be properly dressed (crown and banner)

The Sweetheart, Princess, Ebonette and Queen are all required to attend the Florida State Fair.

All Royalty is encouraged to participate in shows where the Queens attend and help pass out ribbons and pose in pictures.  For example: The Florida State Fair, Regional Fairs, Fall Angus Field Day, Spring Angus Field Day and county Fairs.

* Failure to meet the above requirements for the title held will result in the forfeit of the title and crown.

Ebonette and Sweetheart are not required to attend the National Junior Show but are encouraged to attend